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AWS Cost Optimization


AWS cost optimization for your specific business needs

New to Cloud?

New to cloud and wondering what all those services are on your AWS bill?

With a razor focus on the AWS cost optimization pillar of the well-architected framework, and guidance on the rest, we offer cost-cutting recommendations coupled with a short-term roadmap to help you reduce your monthly bills.

Have an MVP?

Well past your MVP development stage & looking for AWS cost-saving tips?

We deep-dive into all five pillars of the AWS well-architected framework to offer you a comprehensive report that includes cost-saving suggestions, as well as an optimization roadmap that maps out architectural gaps.

Are you an Enterprise?

Worried about your sky-high cloud bill when using AWS for complex enterprise solutions?

Our team of AWS certified professionals evaluate your cloud-native applications, offer instance-specific recommendations, and create a bespoke roadmap for your unique business challenges.

5 pillars of the AWS well-architected framework

Monitor and optimize your cloud costs in-line with our rock-solid evaluation criteria built on highly specific quality goals against each pillar of the AWS well-architected framework.


Cost optimization

Worried about spending money on unnecessary resources? We help you adopt a financially-efficient cloud consumption model. It enables you to run systems that deliver business value at the lowest possible price without compromising on performance.



Looking to maintain confidentiality & integrity of systems without exceeding your budget? Our suggestions provide you with the ability to protect your sensitive data, systems and assets, and take advantage of AWS cloud technologies to improve your security.


Performance efficiency

Want to cut costs with a data-driven approach that also boosts performance of your AWS architecture? We offer guidance on how to utilize the computing resources to meet system requirements and maintain that efficiency with changing demands and evolving technologies.


Operational excellence

Thinking about aligning your AWS spend with your business goals and consumer needs? Our AWS experts offer insights to support the development and efficient running of workloads, while continuously improving supporting processes to deliver true business value.



Concerned about neglecting essential primary requirements that may cause cost surges in the long run? Benefit from our recommendations centered around enhancing the ability of workloads to perform their intended functions correctly & consistently, as and when expected.


Optimize AWS costs to benefit all stakeholders  

We help you build self-optimizing applications and workloads using next-generation AWS optimization technologies and enable the following for your cloud-first business:

Cloud spend governance

Add triggers or place controls around your cloud spending. This alerts you about any unforeseen demand surges before they actually happen.

Resource rightsizing

Eliminate wasteful over-provisioning of resources. Ensure that your app infrastructure is aligned with performance requirements.

Instance reservation

Save money, maintain flexibility and reserve capacity. Purchase reserved instances at the right time and enjoy discounts up to 72%. 

Simplified invoicing

Leverage cost transparency and get insight into your cloud spend. Streamline billing, customize dashboards, and AWS cost and usage reports.

Pay for what you need

Optimize your utilization & cost efficiencies. Remove any excess resource capacity as demand drops, so you only pay for resources you need.

Security & compliance

Uphold alignment and compliance with common AWS account security standards to avoid any major business-impacting issues.


Simplify cost optimization & scale better with AWS 

Many cloud-native or new-to-cloud businesses and organizations are facing disruption to their operations, budgets, and revenue during a time when technology is evolving at an unprecedented pace. 

No matter where you are in your journey to AWS cloud, we assess your current environment, offer guidance for AWS cost optimization best practices and provide optimization recommendations to get you ready to scale from the get-go. The next step involves implementing these suggestions. VentureDive can mobilize a team of AWS-certified engineers, as part of a separate service, in case you require implementation experts. 

We follow a simple, three-phase process to ensure you get the most out of AWS, keeping costs in check:



We hold sessions with your business & technical stakeholders to understand the current infrastructure and how it aligns with your business vision.

We request read-only access to your AWS environment, including the specific set of reports, documents & specifications.



Our team of AWS cloud architects conduct a comprehensive analysis of your existing system and applications.

This is based on our pre-defined evaluation criteria, in line with the AWS well-architected framework. 



We create a detailed report that outlines the architectural gaps, areas of improvement, and suggestions for the adaptation of the AWS well-architected framework.

This helps you optimize cost and implement best practices on operational excellence, security, reliability, and performance.

Control AWS cloud spend, improve performance & proceed with confidence 

AWS Optimization toolkit we frequently use

Frequently asked questions

AWS cost optimization involves taking control of cost and continually optimizing your cloud spend as you build modern, scalable applications that serve your business needs.

The four pillars of AWS cost optimization are:

  1. Right-Sizing for Efficiency
    Select the smallest possible instance (i.e. the one incurring the least cost) to meet the performance requirements of your system and applications, and downsize existing instances wherever possible.

  2. Saving with Reserved Instances
    Commit to paying for using a certain amount of capacity over a given time period, and get a discount for doing so. In some cases, it may help you save around 75% of AWS cloud spend.

  3. Increasing Elasticity
    Use AWS features and services when you need them, and have the option to turn them off when you don’t need them or aren’t going to use them for an extended period of time.

  4. Fostering Accountability
    Measure, monitor, and improve the resources being consumed by your cloud-native applications; create a culture of transparency and accountability in your organization around optimizing your cloud deployment.

Through the use of AWS cost explorer, you get a report of EC2 instances that are either idle or have low utilization. This is also known as AWS EC2 cost optimization. You can reduce costs by either stopping or downsizing these instances.

Migrating to AWS cloud can be thought-provoking for many startups & SMEs on a budget. However, AWS offers a breadth of services and pricing options that have the flexibility to effectively manage costs and still keep the performance and capacity that you require. Fill out the contact form at the bottom of this page and hop on a call with our AWS-certified expert to discover how we can optimize AWS cost for your business. 

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