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As an AWS Consulting Partner, we help you tap into AWS cloud capabilities to work smarter, lower costs, innovate with agility and achieve operational efficiency. Get the most out of AWS with expert cloud consulting and advisory, professional services and managed cloud services.

How can we help your business with AWS?

We offer our experience and expertise in Cloud Advisory, Implementation, and Support to help you strategize, migrate, modernize, and manage your transformations on AWS.

Our AWS certified engineers help you drive innovation, reduce time to market, automate your cloud and realize the true value of AWS cloud applications. Partnering with VentureDive enables you to power the advantage of data analytics and optimization to speed up your organization’s digital transformation journey.

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New to Cloud?

You might not have the need right now, but as you scale, you will need to have better systems in place that are cloud-ready. Or, you might be hosting on-premise data centers and are looking to shift to cloud.

We can help you boost application performance with efficient Cloud Adoption and Migration, Cost Optimization, Application Modernization and Data Modernization services.

Already on Cloud?

You could be looking to scale your cloud-ready applications or switch to AWS from another cloud platform. You might already have a cloud-native digital business and are looking to make your application secure and production-ready.

Our cloud experts can help you with Automation and Maturity, Scaling Optimization, Troubleshooting Cloud Performance and Outsourcing Managed Services.


Vital Pakistan: Reducing child mortality through an integrated digital platform

Vital Pakistan Trust is dedicated to reducing the neonatal mortality rate in impoverished peri-urban communities through an integrated service delivery model that captures the actual impact backed by first hand-collected datasets.

We used the AWS cloud platform to keep infrastructure as a code, and ensure product security, disaster recovery and auto-scaling. We enabled the admin to evaluate performance of frontline health workers, and the latter to deliver evidence-based care and collect data across a range of healthcare services in a single system.


AWS for Startups, SME & Enterprises

Adoption & Migration

Are you new to cloud or planning to migrate to AWS from on-premise hosting? Our AWS cloud consultants engage with you to assist with navigating cloud migration, assurance, rehosting, re-platforming, and data migration to build efficient setups and out-of-the-box solutions. 

Application Modernization

Looking for expert guidance to help you realize the benefits of modern applications and improve ROI? Our experts engage with you as navigators to help you create an efficient modernization strategy to make your applications cloud-ready and support continuous delivery.

Cost Optimization

Want to optimize your cost and performance for a changing market while delivering the experience your customers demand? We can help you build optimization tools, give guidance on available discounts, and deliver the flexibility to pay only for the services you need.

Cloud Automation

AWS offers automation assessment to understand your current state of cloud automation. We can tailor and extend your system’s functionalities with infrastructure automation, pipelines for app deployment, and CI/CD implementation to meet your unique business needs.

Managed Cloud Services

Running into problems that you can’t solve without expert assistance? Our experienced team of engineers are ever-ready to offer tactical support and handle your infrastructure complexities while freeing more of your internal resources to work on your core business.

Team Augmentation

Having trouble hiring and retaining resources? Let us take over design and build purposeful infrastructure that meets your and your customers’ needs, giving you the advantages of advanced cloud capabilities like support for Infrastructure as Code, DevOps, AI, machine learning, containers and more.


Achieve results faster with our battle-tested approach

AWS partnership with VentureDive allows you to discover how you can achieve more for your people, your business and your customers, today and into the future.



Benefit from our cloud consulting and advisory services that involve the latest methodologies and approaches to develop solution strategies that get you on the right road from day one.



Get ahead of the competition with cloud solutions designed and built by the multi-cloud experts, who ensure you get most out of your apps and accelerate new business opportunities.



Our expert team manages, operates and optimizes the day-to-day elements of your cloud environment by following a ‘continuous modernization’ strategy, so you can keep pace with what’s next.

Our AWS Competencies

As an APN Consulting Partner, VentureDive provides specialisation in a host of AWS-enabled business solutions, each of which can be efficiently integrated to meet clients’ needs where and when they need it most.

No matter where you are on your cloud transformation journey, we can help you discover and accelerate towards what’s truly possible for your business.

  • AI & Machine Learning
  • Migration
  • Modernization
  • Data Analytics
  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Industrial Solutions
  • Security & Compliance
  • Public Sector
  • DevOps

Trusted by global innovators for AWS consulting & outsourcing

From a cloud management point of view, VentureDive has done a fabulous job for IslamicFinder’s products. They have helped us optimize our server cost along with managing server load. Downtime is almost zero now.

Ali Raza

Ali Raza
General Manager,

VentureDive exhibits excellent ownership towards the projects they are working on, and they do all they can for the benefit and success of the project. The Engineers working at VentureDive are high profile professionals with actual capabilities, so you can always trust their quality and delivery time.

Khalid Elaimy

Khalid Elaimy
Pharos MF

VentureDive has been highly professional and we are happy with the leadership that they have provided on the project we are working on. Documentation is an area that can be strengthened to ensure long term continuity of the work.

Rehan Adamjee

Rehan Adamjee
Deputy Director,
Vital Pakistan


DistributionNOW: Hassle-free survey & asset management

DistributionNOW (DNOW) is the leading supplier to energy and industrial markets worldwide, delivering a complete range of products and services to upstream, midstream, downstream and industrial customers.

Utilizing Amazon Web Services cloud-based software infrastructure, VentureDive digitized DNOW’s survey and asset management processes, and made their user journeys simple yet immersive. Our efforts resulted in a fully automated platform reducing survey time significantly and allowing easy and effective asset management for DNOW.

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